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With cutting-edge materials and techniques, our highly skilled team can fix a broken tooth with a dental crown.

As a preventative care-led practice at Walmsley Dental, we always try to preserve a natural tooth, using crowns to fully restore a damaged tooth and further protect it from any future damage.


What is a dental crown?

As the name suggests, crowns are designed to sit over the top of the natural tooth. They are used to repair and restore teeth that have become damaged in some way and can help return full function to a tooth.

Why do I need a dental crown?

We often use dental crowns to restore teeth that have been damaged from decay or injury, but they’re also used in other ways. For example, crowns can be used to place dental bridges and are also often necessary after a root canal to ensure the tooth is fully restored after treatment.

What are dental crowns made from?

Traditionally, dental crowns have often been made from a precious metal like gold. Now, however, patients are more likely to receive a crown made from porcelain or Zirconia. These options are much more natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing, so you don’t have to compromise the finish of your smile for the sake of your restored tooth.

What happens during the treatment for a dental crown?

Placing a dental crown usually occurs over two appointments, except in more complex cases, which can take longer. At your first appointment, we’ll remove the damaged and weakened parts of the tooth and prepare it for crown placement. Then, we’ll take an impression or digital image, which will be used to make your personal crown for you.

Once your crown has been created, we’ll place it for you here at the practice – we’ll fit it and shape it into place so that it blends in seamlessly with the rest of the tooth and the mouth. Once we have achieved the right effect and made sure the bite and fit are correct, we’ll cement it into place using special dental cement.

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